How You Got Here


I am elated that everyone who uses my transformational tools knows they are making deeper connections worthy of a devoted healer fulfilling sacred work.

Before I created Sacred Batik, as I walked along the self-discovery path with God by my side, I searched for tools to help me on my personal transformation journey and accessories to fit my lifestyle.

A lengthy search for these tools yielded overpriced crystals, products without the promise of being carefully created with the customer in mind, and even a lack of existence.  Nobody was selling products to support the entire lifestyle of healing, confidence, love, peace and spirituality that I wanted to create in my own life.   

The desire to heal myself, release things that no longer serve me and reclaim my personal power convinced me that I needed to create these tools and accessories.  I knew there had to be others out there also searching for products to support their sacred work and lifestyle as well. 

Frustrated with the shortage of options, I vowed to create the most life-enhancing transformational tools and accessories that would awaken the spirit to achieve virtually any goal envisioned for the most devout healers, lightworkers, empaths, intuitives, those invested in self-healing, meditation, dream work, massage, aromatherapy, energy work, and novice alike.

Many long hours were spent on perfecting designs and creating products in trial and error.

I planned.  I cut.  I sewed.  I waxed.  I dyed.  I rinsed.  I boiled.  I worked tirelessly to bring about my ideas to reality.   I didn’t just mass produce a printed product, I labored in love, I put pieces of my soul into these products one by one to bring them to you.

Through everything, my handmade products have been released out into the world and the response has been overwhelming from each person who has decided to choose my tools for their most sacred work.   Each item is carefully curated with you in mind and mindfully created.  Thank you for choosing me to provide you with the tools to aid you in your personal journey and the accessories to fit your lifestyle of healing.


My daily life is infused with prayer, meditation, crystal gridding, smudging, salt baths, journeying, self-care and positive affirmations.  I immerse myself in self-healing, self-love and energy work.

I am a student of Pixie Lighthorse in her Visual Quest coursework and SouLodge at I studied under Iryne Carrasquillo – owner of Thirdi Center at, Angie Yingst – Advanced Crystal Master at, and while I study under the teachings of Jesus, my beliefs include a broad range of spiritual and religious backgrounds.  My education is always expanding with attendance in classes, workshops, circles, guidance from mentors, and my own personal relationship with God.

Everything I do is rooted in purpose, positive intentions, and for the good of all.